We’re playing at Pehrspace in Echo Park tonight!!!

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Us and Palm Reader @pehrspace
Thanks for the photos Nick!!!! #ghostnoise #pehrspace #palmreader #buddies

We’re playing this Saturday night at Pehrspace in Echo Park!


Presented by Sean Carnage and VJ Wes!


Flyer by Gawby Moon

Thanks for the great night, Riverside. Hope to see you again soon.

To the person who stole our merch at the house show we played in Pomona last night:

Maybe you thought you were being “punk”. Or perhaps you’re just a complete sociopath. But let’s make this clear: DIY bands playing out-of-town shows subsist heavily off their merch sales. When you steal from a band, you are making their lives much harder. We paid money to get that merch made. We lost money when you stole it.

Your actions were cowardly and totally devoid of human decency or compassion. We are steadfast believers in karma. The malice you project into the universe will eventually come back around to haunt you.

Playing tonight (FRIDAY) in Riverside at the Blood Orange Infoshop!

Flyer by Ylayali Patrovskyi

We just played in Pomona for the very first time. Thanks for having us. <3


Flyer by Nick Dolezal