Thanks for the great night, Riverside. Hope to see you again soon.

To the person who stole our merch at the house show we played in Pomona last night:

Maybe you thought you were being “punk”. Or perhaps you’re just a complete sociopath. But let’s make this clear: DIY bands playing out-of-town shows subsist heavily off their merch sales. When you steal from a band, you are making their lives much harder. We paid money to get that merch made. We lost money when you stole it.

Your actions were cowardly and totally devoid of human decency or compassion. We are steadfast believers in karma. The malice you project into the universe will eventually come back around to haunt you.

Playing tonight (FRIDAY) in Riverside at the Blood Orange Infoshop!

Flyer by Ylayali Patrovskyi

We just played in Pomona for the very first time. Thanks for having us. <3


Flyer by Nick Dolezal

Come to Lot One tonight!!!!! #ghostnoise #lot1 # innerecstacy #nayru #staycoolforever #lilsis

Just added!!!!!! #ghostnoise #michaelvidal #soma

So many shows!!! Mark these dates!!! #ghostnoise

We’re very sad to announce that the label we’ve been releasing all of our music on thus far is officially shutting down. It’s been a lovely journey working with Ritual Tapes. We’ve never felt more at home. We’ll always hold on to the memories.

Nearly all remaining stock is being sold at drastically marked down prices. Please consider making a final purchase to help our beautiful friends Chris and Alex as they close down and move onward to the next phase of their life together.




Hey guys,  sometimes things happen and life gets in the way.  Sadly this time it happened to me in the middle of a lot of projects that all had to be cancelled (aside from 2 that are already paid and in progress).  After the collaborative releases of Pope - Known Weed Smoker with Paco Tapes and Cult Of Occult with Grimoire Cassette Cvlture,  Ritual Tapes will officially say goodnight.

The store will remain open as long as there is stock so please continue to shop.  Any money recovered from the remaining releases will help me pay off any leftover label expenses and ultimately make this transition a lot more smooth for me.

It’s been a lot of fun and I want to apologize to everyone who has been affected by this abrupt end.  If you donated to the Ghost Noise campaign, your funds will go to the band so they can move forward on the 7” release either on their own or through another means.

Thanks to everyone that ever supported me or helped me out in the year that this label has been going.  I can only hope that one day I can be back in the business of physical releases, but for now I’ll be directing my focus to other, less costly, musical outlets.  

Please spread this photo around to let everyone know about all the great deals happening right now!