Vocal recording session with @beruwhitesunlars !!!!! #ghostnoise

Many thanks to Posted LA for including our song “Black Moon” on their mix amongst nineteen other wonderful local Los Angeles artists. Very excited for everything they’ll do in the future. Listen below and get in touch with them!



We’ve begun recording vocals for our upcoming second album.

The incomparably visionary Jessica Nicole Collins of BERU is producing it.

We’re terribly excited to share it with you once it’s completed.

Re-post from @bearjewhobbit! Thanks for all the photos!!!! ♡

Re-post from @beruwhitesunlars of our set at Pehrspace for Mountair’s Five Year Anniversary!!!!

We’re playing at Pehrspace in Echo Park tonight!!!

(via mountair)

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Us and Palm Reader @pehrspace
Thanks for the photos Nick!!!! #ghostnoise #pehrspace #palmreader #buddies